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Who are we?

The SAF consists of a group of adjunct faculty at Suffolk who are voluntarily seeking to create a union. We have affiliated ourselves with the American Association of University Professors (AAUP)—a venerable faculty union/profession organization in Washington, D.C. (There is also a non-union AAUP chapter at Suffolk that includes a number of the tenured faculty.) With the election result, we now have an AAUP bargaining unit at Suffolk that will represents all Suffolk adjuncts.

Several letters from the administration contend that the creation of a union would result in an outside “third party” that would stand between adjuncts and the administration. Nothing could be further from the truth: the union that we will create (note: we’re still officially just an organizing committee) will consist of US, the Suffolk adjuncts. A governing board and officers will be elected, and will consist of Suffolk adjuncts. You will be represented by your fellow Suffolk adjuncts in all union matters.

We invite strongly encourage you to participate in OUR union in any way you are able to. Please contact us if you are interested.  

Why have we created a bargaining unit?



The SAF has been negotiating informally with the Suffolk administration for improvements for adjuncts for the past three+ years. However, the administration has done very little for us over this period—we’ve received very small salary increases, and we receive health benefits only after seven years (initially it was ten years). It is thus apparent that we need the strength of a union/bargaining unit in order to have a chance of getting the kind of salaries, job security and benefits that we deserve—that other Boston area unionized adjuncts have.