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The Suffolk Affiliated Faculty/AAUP is a chapter of the American Association of University Professors.


As the negotiating representative for part-time faculty, the Suffolk Affiliated Faculty, seeks to promote and preserve the professional and economic well being of the unit members for whom it bears legal responsibilities. As a professional association and in addition to its responsibilities as negotiating representative, the Suffolk Affiliated Faculty seeks to enhance the academic environment of the college, and support the policies and goals of the Association as set forth in Article 1 of the AAUP constitution, and in all matters act in harmony with the principles and procedures of national Association and its constitution.


These By-Laws regulate the Suffolk Affiliated Faculty.




The Suffolk Affiliated Faculty shall consist of all part-time/adjunct faculty who are members of the Bargaining Unit who pay dues to join and maintain membership in the SAF/AAUP, and who are not graduate students at the college. 


Membership in the SAF/AAUP includes membership in National AAUP.




The Chapter Executive Board may call membership meetings of the Chapter at any time. There shall be at least one membership meeting per year.  Twenty-five percent of members in good standing shall constitute a quorum.  The agenda of each meeting shall be outlined in the call for the meeting. Changes to the agenda may be made by a two-thirds vote of the members attending the meeting.


Members of the SAF/AAUP in good standing shall be entitled to vote on all matters considered at these meetings;  all other bargaining unit members (those who are qualified for membership but decline it) may attend and remain with the concurrence of the meeting chair, but may not vote.



                                    SUFFOLK UNIVERSITY / AAUP


A.  The internal affairs, collective negotiations and grievance handling policies and activities of

the Chapter shall be coordinated by a Chapter Executive Board consisting of the President, Vice President, Secretary / Treasurer, and two elected at-large members, each of whom may also chair

a standing committee.  The term of Chapter Executive Board representatives shall be two years.   Should any at-large position remain vacant after an election, the Chapter Executive Board may appoint a member in good standing to fill that position.


B.  If an at-large Executive Board member is unable to complete his/her term, a replacement shall

be appointed by the Chapter Executive Board. If a representative misses three (3) consecutive meetings, s/he shall be considered withdrawn unless the Executive Board determines special circumstances.


C.  The Chapter Executive Board shall hold a minimum of two meetings throughout the year.


D.  The duties of the Chapter Executive Board are to:


            1) Determine membership dues in accordance with Article III.


            2) Assume responsibility for general fiscal affairs and approve the annual budget.


            3) Establish standing committees and conduct the affairs of the organization through those                      

            committees and special committees as provided by the By-laws.


            4) Establish and abolish special committees, as it deems necessary.


            5) Authorize legal action on behalf of the SAF / AAUP.


            6) Authorize, after a vote by the membership, job actions in support of the Chapter’s                    

            collective bargaining goals





A. The officers of the Chapter shall be the President; the Vice President, and the Secretary / Treasurer.  Officers are eligible to seek re-election.  If an office is not contested, and that officer agrees, s/he may retain that position for another term without an election being held for that office.


B. Election of Officers


            1) Chapter officers shall be elected by the membership through a secret ballot.


2) The President, Vice-President, and Secretary/Treasurer shall be elected once every two years and shall serve for a period of two years beginning on September 1 of the year in which s/he has been elected.


            3) The Committee on Nominations and Elections of the Chapter Executive Board shall                            

            prepare a slate for election of officers by soliciting nominations from the membership and                        

            shall announce it to the membership.


            4) All dues paying members of the SAF/AAUP may vote. Elections shall be conducted                

            under the supervision of the Committee on Nominations and Elections..


C. Each officer and at-large board member is subject to recall by the members of the SAF/AAUP.


            1) A recall election must be initiated by recall by a petition stating the reasons for the                   

            proposed action and signed by twenty-five percent of union members.


            2) A petition demanding a recall election shall be presented to the Chapter Executive Board                    

            through the Secretary, who shall certify the authenticity and the member status of

            each signer.


            3) No recall petition shall be received after March 1 of the year in which the election is                 

            demanded; and each recall election shall be completed no later than 30 days after the                   

            petition has been certified.


            4) A recall election shall be conducted by a special committee appointed by the Executive                        

            Board for that purpose.


            5) An officer shall be removed when two-thirds of those casting ballots so vote, provided                        

            only that the total voting for recall shall be no less than a majority of total votes cast                     

            in the elections of that officer.


            6) When a vacancy occurs because of recall elections, the position shall be filled according                       

            to the procedures listed below under “Succession of Officers.”


D. Succession of officers


            1) In the event the President cannot complete his/her term, the term shall be completed by                        

            the Vice President.


            2) In the event that the Vice President cannot complete his/her term, the term shall be                   

            completed by the Secretary / Treasurer.


            3) In the event that the Secretary cannot complete his/her term, the Chapter Executive Board,       by a majority of those voting, shall elect a replacement to complete the term.





A.  President


            1) Be spokesperson and official representative for the Suffolk Affiliated Faculty.


2) Appoint the chairs of standing, administrative, and special committees, with the advice and consent of the Chapter Executive Board.


            3) Preside over meetings of the Chapter Executive Board.


            4) Initiate legal actions on behalf of the Chapter when authorized by the Executive Board


            5) Provide direction to other officers and oversee their activities.


B.  Vice President


The Vice-President shall have the powers and duties of the President in the President’s absence or inability to serve, shall succeed to the Presidency pursuant to the By-Laws, and shall otherwise have such powers and duties as may be assigned by the President.


C.  Secretary /  Treasurer


            1) Oversee the maintenance of the records of the Chapter.


            2) Keep minutes at all meetings of the Chapter Executive Board;  prepare these minutes for                     

            reproduction and distribution to all union members.


            3) Review the SAF/AAUP’s expenditures.


            4) Prepare and present a financial report for the Chapter Executive Board and the general                        

            membership at least once per year, no later than June 1; prepare and present other financial                       

            reports as required by the President and/or the Executive Board.


            5) Recommend appropriate management of Chapter funds.


            6) Preside over meetings of the Executive Board in the absence of the President and the              

            Vice President.





A.  The Negotiating Committee shall be appointed by the President with the approval of the Chapter Executive Board.


B.  The Negotiating Committee shall be composed of a chairperson and at least two (2)                            

additional members of the SAF / AAUP.


C.  The Negotiating Committee shall function under negotiating policies determined by the                                 

Chapter’s Executive Board.


D.  The contract negotiated shall be ratified by a walk-in or mail ballot of a majority of the membership.





Dues shall be determined by the Chapter Executive Board, and ratified by the membership.  Non-payment of dues shall be cause for removal from membership.  Only members in good standing with respect to dues payment shall be eligible for office;  for membership on any committee;  or for voting rights in elections, contract ratification, or any other matter submitted for membership approval.





These bylaws may be amended by two-thirds of those members voting at a regularly scheduled meeting, or a meeting especially called for such amendment, providing that members have received written notice and text of proposed amendments at least fourteen days before such a regular or special meeting is held.




Upon dissolution of the chapter, its assets shall be distributed to the Association, a charitable and educational organization.